Legacy Beef

Try our signature Legacy Beef. Our beef comes from our own herd which are born, pasture grazed and ethically raised cattle and grain finished for 90 days. Full of flavor and extremely tender, everyone says that they have never tasted beef like ours.

Our cattle receive NO added growth hormones and are antibiotic free. Our cattle are treated with gentle cattle handling practices to reduce animal stress and encourage optimum growth and tenderness of the beef. They are nourished in our Kentucky pastures, eating tall fescue, timothy, orchard grass and legumes such as alfalfa and clovers. Our cattle are processed at a local USDA facility where it is vacuum sealed for long lasting storage. Our beef is available in sides and quarters, as well as individual cuts. Ground beef is always available.

We offer local pick-up and local delivery – Deliveries go out on Mondays.

Free local delivery within Bracken and Robertson Counties.

$25 delivery fee within 50-mi radius – Minimum $200 order.

$35 delivery fee outside 50-mi radius AND within 75-mi radius – Minimum $200 order.

Orders outside 75-mi radius, contact Rob Krift (859) 743-4306 to arrange transaction.