Grass-Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is full of flavor and extremely tender. Everyone says that they have never tasted ground beef like our grass-fed beef.

First, a few explanations:

Our steers are processed at an “on the hoof” weight of between 900 and 1100 lbs. Once processed and hung, the hanging weight (like the cooler scene in the movie “Rocky”) is about 60% of the “on the hoof weight”. Usable cuts from the hanging beef represent about 70-85% of the hanging weight. Waste include fat and bones. Our prices for sides and quarters are based upon hanging weight, as is the standard in the industry.

Our beef is dry aged for about two weeks. Dry aging is an expensive process, requiring the careful monitoring of freezers in order to maintain optimum temperature. The process also requires extra labor. Dry aging allows beef to develop a much more intense flavor. Many fine restaurants will only serve dry aged beef

We breed Black Angus, Texas Longhorns, and Buelingo beef cattle. We generally process Black Angus and Buelingo. Both breeds have excellent texture, flavor, and tenderness. We do not give our beef cattle growth hormone. Our cattle are treated with gentle cattle handling practices to reduce animal stress and encourage optimum growth and tenderness of the beef. They are nourished in our Kentucky pastures, eating tall fescue, timothy and orchard grass, alfalfa, and legumes such as oats and clovers. They are finished on grass and corn for about six weeks prior to processing. We overseed winter wheat for grazing in the spring, and plant sudan grass, a fast growing drought resistant grass for warm weather grazing. Our pastures are constantly under renovation and scrutiny, as they provide the basis of nourishment to all of our cattle.

Our cattle are processed at a local facility, close to our farm. Our beef is available in sides and quarters, as well as random cuts to your specifications. Ground beef is always available.

Meat from grass-fed beef has 2 to 4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain-fed animals. Omega-3’s are called “good fats” because they play an important role in every cell and system in your body. They are considered the most heart friendly. Omega-3’s are vital for healthy brain activity, help with controlling blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Those of us with diets rich in Omega-3’s report that they may be less likely to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, and alzheimer’s disease. High concentrations of Omega-3s are also found in seafood and certain nuts and seeds.

Pricing for the fall season of 2008 will be $2.85 per hanging weight pound for a side, $3.00 per pound for a quarter. Please, if you have friends who could split a half, we are happy to accomodate you at the side of beef price. Custom cuts are available to accomodate your wishes. Customization may include types of cuts preferred as well as thickness of steaks. Ground beef is always available at $3.00 per pound. You will be delighted with the lean tender hamburgers and tasty chile made from this product.

Please contact farm boss, Margaret Lunsford in order to place your orders. Her telephone number is 513-289-9052. You may also email her at Beef will be available in the middle of October for delivery.

We thank you in advance for your business, and hope that you enjoy the “meats of our labor”!